Broward County Judicial Garage & Linear Park

The Broward County Courthouse Parking Garage will be located between the New Broward County Courthouse and the existing East Wing Building on SE 6th Street. The project consists of a new structure to hold 497 parking spaces within six levels and 237,110 square feet. The structure will provide parking spaces for judges, courthouse staff and employees and will be implemented after the demolition of the existing West and Central Wing Buildings. The ground level will hold supporting and maintenance areas as well as office/retail areas which will face the Courthouse Plaza and the breezeway which connects 6th Street to Riverwalk. Vehicular access to the parking garage will occur only through Courthouse Drive.

The plantings, paved surfaces, lighting and furnishings of a new civic plaza and linear park will serve to define the public spaces associated with the new plaza. Plantings will provide intimate, human scale spaces not only for circulation but also shaded gathering areas serving a supporting role to the Courthouse functionality. The pavement will be light in color to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) having a high reflective index, as well as complementing the colors in the architecture of the Courthouse Building. The lighting shall enhance the atmosphere of the plaza at night providing a safe and comfortable outdoor space for visitors. This civic space will provide an important role by not only serving the needs of the civil and family courts, but also by providing an urban park and passive recreation area for the City and County.