Broward County Courthouse Parking Garage

The Broward County Courthouse Parking Garage will be located between the New Broward County Courthouse and the existing East Wing Building on SE 6th Street. The project consists of a new structure to hold 497 parking spaces within six levels and 237,110 square feet. The structure will provide parking spaces for judges, courthouse staff and employees and will be implemented after the demolition of the existing West and Central Wing Buildings. The ground level will hold supporting and maintenance areas as well as office/retail areas which will face the Courthouse Plaza and the breezeway which connects 6th Street to Riverwalk. Vehicular access to the parking garage will occur only through Courthouse Drive.

The main exterior façade for the Parking Garage will face the Courthouse Plaza. and will be enclosed with precast concrete panels with integrated color and light sandblasted finish, matching the New Courthouse Building. The façade’s central area will hold aluminum sight proof louvers to fully enclose the parking area behind this surface. The façade will also be provided with a metal canopy to match the Courthouse Building canopy, protect retail entry doors, and provide protection for pedestrians.

The Parking Garage is penetrated at its center by a 72 feet wide breezeway that opens up a pedestrian axis from 6th Street to the Riverwalk to the North. The office/commercial areas and the elevator’s lobby will face the breezeway in order to generate activity and promote its use.